Al Azraq

According to the website of the Ministry of Interior, Al-Azraq Qada’a is one of the largest Qada’as in the Governorate of Zarqa. Al-Azraq also contains the most remote villages and cities from the governorate centre, where it is about 90 km away, and it is the main gateway to the Kingdom of Jordan from the east that connects the Kingdom with the Arab Gulf states and Iraq. The area is the largest land crossing that crosses it from 3.5 Up to 4 million arrivals and departures annually.


According to the website of the department of statistics and the estimated number of the population in Qada’a Al Azraq, it is estimated to be 18852 people in the year 2020. The main three societal groups are Druze, Bedouin, and Chechens.

Main Landmarks

Al Azraq is filled with untapped potential with its landmarks, such as; the Azraq wetland, Alshomari Natural Reserve, a part of the international trade route, and finally, the desert palaces; which amount to three palaces on the highway extending from Amman to Azraq (Amra, Al-Harana, and Al-Azraq Castle).

Climate and Topography

Azraq is an environmentally interesting area in terms of international and national interest, and it provides all the tourism and environmental elements that make it a subject of international interest in its various environmental elements, with volcanic rock and the desert climate, the combination has allowed interesting topographical formations.

Governmental Bodies

The main governmental body in Al Azraq town is the New Azraq municipality. However, it is supported and topped by other bodies such as; the Administrative governor, the area manager, the different community representatives, and finally, the Local Council.


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