Located distinguishly on the border of three Arab Countries; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Iraq, and the Republic of Syria, Ruweishd is one of the largest districts in the Kingdom. The district was established on 6/8/2001 and includes one municipal council and nine localities. Ruweished district center is Ruweished city and it includes the following other cities (Manshiyat Al-Ghayath, Salhiyat Al-Naim, Al-Rawdah, Al-Rishah Al-Gharbi, Al-Raqban, Al-Athni, Al-Faydah, Al-Rishah, Al-Sharqiya, Al-Karama, Al-Mashaqiq, and Rawdat Al-Ruwaished).     Ruweished District, Ministry of Interior, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan  


According to the Ministry of Interior in Jordan, Ruwaished  population consists of 7,490 people, spread over an area of 21,615.4 km2  

Archaeological Sites

Burqa Palace Located in the Jordanian Hurra, about 22 km northwest of Ruweished.  It was originally a Roman military fortress, and was rebuilt as a palace during the reign of Al-Walid bin Abdul-Malik. There is a pool and a Roman dam next to the palace, in adition to many pre-Islamic and early Arabic writings spread in the surrounding area. Department of Atiquities, Jordan





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