Sahel Horan

Sahl Al-Houran is a region that spans through parts of southern Syria and northern Jordan. The part of Sahl Al-Houran that is in Jordan is constituted from four villages, Al-Turrah, Al-Shajarah, Amrawah, and Thuneibah.


The population registered in Sahl Al-Houran is estimated to be 8769 people in the year 2020 with approximately 5000 people from Jordan, and 3769 people from Syria.


Sahl Houran – the Vally of Houran – had its name driven from the white peaks of its mountains, wherein the Arabic language, Ḥawr means it had whitened. Houran also means a cave, and it has been named so due to the presence of a multitude of caves in the area. Sahl Houran is known for its fertile lands and is most popular for growing wheat. It was also known to be Rome’s basket, due to its fertile ground and high-quality crops.


Rainfall above the 200 millimetres (7.9 in) mark is characteristic throughout the Hauran, but otherwise climate and precipitation levels vary between its subregions


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