Sahel Horan

Sahl Al-Houran is a region that spans through parts of southern Syria and northern Jordan. The part of Sahl Al-Houran that is in Jordan is constituted from four villages, Al-Turrah, Al-Shajarah, Amrawah, and Thuneibah.


The registered population registered in Sahl Al-Houran is estimated to be 8769 people in the year of 2020 with approximately 5000 peoplefrom Jordan, and 3769 people from Syria, divided as the following: 


A common feature throughout the Hauran is the basaltic topography, though altitude and soil vary between the Hauran's subregions. The Nuqrah, Jaydur and Jabal Hauran consist of arable land derived from decomposed basaltic, volcanic rock.


Rainfall above the 200 millimetres (7.9 in) mark is characteristic throughout the Hauran, but otherwise climate and precipitation levels vary between its subregions

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