Makers Space

The Makers Oasis was developed as one of Azraq Alive’s projects in partnership with TechWorks and Azraq Municipality. It aims at enhancing the infrastructure in Azraq Town by providing several workshops which all family members can benefit from.


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Stories around the project

Pictures from the city
Pictures from the city
Pictures from the city
One of the two established nurseries in Azraq town
A snapshot of an activity with the the Children of Azraq
A snap shot of one of the sessions of the Caregivers' Forum
The makerspace lead explaining the existing context of Azraq to guests
One of the Nai Playing workshops held in the makerspace
The playing room in one of the nurseries
One of the murals that have been added to beautify the pathways of Azraq town
One of the volunteers helping in the rehabilitation of the Soccer field in Azraq town

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